Tuesday, October 1, 2013


No updates for a while, sorry about that.

We have been working on our pitch. A pitch is a tool most startup companies need to use. It's a presentation that sells the company to an investor, so that the company gets financial funding for growth. Pitches come in many flavors, from a one minute elevator speech (you need to explain the main idea of the company fast if you get to the same elevator with an investor) to a longer presentation describing details of the product, the markets, the team, and the business plan.

Our first public pitch was in a pitching competition organized by Protomo, our incubator. There were several teams both from within and outside the incubator, working through the day, presenting the idea and continuously improving the presentation. In the end, we managed to win the competition! Our price is some one-on-one time with an accelerator fund. We get to hone our pitch even further, and discuss all aspects regarding financials, markets, and funding options.

There is a bigger local pitching competition next week, and we're hoping to get to present there as well. Our main goal is in the big, international startup conference Slush, taking place in mid-November. We'll try to get a version of the presentation online as well before that, so you can all participate in the development.

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