Thursday, May 14, 2015


Today's Diabetes Blog Week topic is Changes.
Today let's talk about changes, in one of two ways. Either tell us what you'd most like to see change about diabetes, in any way. This can be management tools, devices, medications, people's perceptions, your own feelings – anything at all that you feel could use changing. OR reflect back on some changes you or your loved one has seen or been through since being diagnosed with diabetes. Were they expected or did they surprise you?
My first thought was, of course, to write about the tools and devices, and all of #WeAreNotWaiting that's currently happening. And all the development that has happened in one year after I wrote about The Exciting State of Diabetes Technology in 2014. But then again, that would have been too easy for me.

Today, I'll rather write about my relationship with, or attitude towards my diabetes. There have been some noticeable changes.

As I wrote in one of the earliest posts in this blog, I first saw diabetes as a friend, telling me to take better care of myself. Later on, our once happily intense relationship cooled down a bit, as I concentrated more on other things in life.

Right now me and my diabetes are closer than ever. I'm the founder of a startup creating self-care tools for people with diabetes, and I think about diabetes very intensely, literally each and every day. You might say diabetes and the best possible treatment for it has become my life's purpose.

I think it's very important for all of us to understand that the relationship between people with diabetes and their condition is changing continuously. That is yet another reason why we need to have a wide array of tools and methods for our treatment.

We have different priorities and different challenges at each point of our lives. No one solution fits all.

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