Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Two years later...

The first "Hello World" post in this blog was published exactly two years ago. Personally, I face this day with mixed feelings.

Two years ago, I thought we'd be much further by now. I imagined us launching the first version of our service early in 2014, then focusing on customer acquisition and growth, and by this time already playing with big data algorithms on all the data we had helped collect and bring together. However, due to challenges with growing the team, financing, the healthcare market, and demonstrating true value from our service (all nicely intertwined), we haven't even publicly launched our service yet.

On the other hand I think we have been extremely lucky and successful. After all, two years is a long time for a startup to even survive. And in this time, we've received an incredible amount of support and positive feedback. We've learned a ton about running a company, about the startup scene, and about healthcare market, and made dozens and dozens of really valuable connections.

Most importantly, with the little resources we've had, we've managed to get our service in trial use in a public healthcare institution. Today, we're taking in the second batch of trial users.

Our service will help them, and their nurses and doctors, in viewing all relevant data from their medical devices and wellness apps together, and in making sense of diabetes trends.

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