Tuesday, December 29, 2015

When to test a new pump?

I was originally supposed to start with the Medtronic pump just before Christmas. Christmas is a challenging time for people with type 1 diabetes, with plenty of food we only encounter once a year and therefore don't necessarily know how it affects our glucose levels. And more sitting and lying around than usual. With more than just one occasional treat. So it would have been a good time to challenge the new pump, see what it can do under those circumstances. And, I would have had plenty of free time to play around with it.

However, Medtronic Finland did not get the pump on time. There had been a software update to the pump, causing something in the product code to be changed, which caused some hiccups to the delivery.

Medtronic kindly asked whether I'd like to get a demo pump for Christmas time, so I could play around with it and learn the features, but not yet fill it with insulin and connect it to myself. I thought this to be too much of a hassle, as I still needed to operate my old pump. I'd rather make the switch once the real pump arrived.

So we started after Christmas, when I returned to work. It's kind of fair too. It may be easier for the new pump to convince me of its capabilities under more regular circumstances.

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