Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Uploading Medtronic pump data to Carelink with Mac OSX Sierra

I have heard people have had increasing difficulties uploading their data to Carelink.

Some times the site is just slow, for sure, but another thing seems to be the new permissions for Java applets in Safari web browser. In the Sierra version of OSX, Safari hides the "Run in Safe Mode" selection by default. You need to hold the Option key pressed down when selecting the permissions for the Carelink site in order to see it and to toggle it off.

Access the Security settings from Safari -> Preferences, then select the Security tab. Then select Plug-in Settings...

Select Java from the list on the left. Select the Carelink site, and hold the Option key (alt) down when accessing the On/Off selection.

You'll see the Run in Safe Mode selection on the bottom. Just untick it, and you're done.
Let me know in the comments whether you still run into issues with the upload. I'm happy to help you further.

This guide is mainly aimed for people who used to be able to upload their data to Carelink, but can't do it anymore. If you have never uploaded your data, there's some more effort involved. You need to get Java enabled in Safari in the first place. Even then, I hope this guide will be beneficial in assuring people that yes, it really can be done.

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