Monday, November 18, 2013

Our first Slush

Last Wednesday and Thursday it was time for Slush, the huge startup conference in Helsinki. Slush is all about startups, investors and media getting together to make contacts and learn what's going on in Finland and globally. For a small and yet quite unknown startup like us, it is an important way to meet the investors and also make the people aware that we exist.

We got a demo booth at Health Demo Area on Thursday 14 November, World Diabetes Day. And yet, that was not all! We were also told - only a couple of days before Slush - that we would get to launch our product at Health Track, meaning a 5 minute pitch for the audience interested in health topics. Brilliant!

The launch went really good. Mikael's speech was touching and he got a lot of positive feedback and even hugs from strangers who had heard him talk (in the pic he's presenting not his abs but his insulin pump). Diabetes is such a common disease, almost everyone knows someone with diabetes, and the ways to keep the condition better in control are very welcome.

We were also privileged to have plenty of visitors at our booth. We showed them our first demo version and explained countless times what we do and why that is so important. We also met many potential partners - we believe in cooperation and combining our strengths.

One last thing Slush rewarded us with was that they wanted to write about us in their blog.

In general, for us Slush was a success. We met investors and made good contacts, launched our automated diabetes diary and got many people talk about us. Thank you Slush, thank you all who were there. With this experience it's good to continue our work.

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