Monday, December 2, 2013

Media visibility

After Slush, we have been lucky to get some visibility in different media.

Taltioni 2.0 was launched 12 November and we got to present Sensotrend in the event, since it is built on Taltioni platform. Naturally, we were mentioned in Taltioni's press release regarding the new services coming up during 2014.

At Slush, as you already know, we got to launch our product on stage at the Health Track on World Diabetes Day, 14 November. Sensotrend was also presented in Slush Blog, Fighting Diabetes at Slush.

On 19 November, Mikael was featured on TV, in YLE Prisma Studio's episode about Quantified Self (around the 20 minutes mark, he appears in two short parts).

The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra wrote about their experiences at Slush and mentioned us in their post Slush 2013 – showcasing the best of Finnish start-ups.
Last but not least, on Friday we were interviewed and photographed for Focus on Finland magazine. They were making an article about New Factory and Finnish startup scene. The issue will be out in January 2014.

These are the appearances we are aware of. If you have seen Sensotrend mentioned somewhere else, please let us know!

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